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Francesco Cavalieri
April 24, 2021 | Francesco Cavalieri

Our Red Wines won the title of "Best Italian Wines 2021"

Once again the renowned sommelier Luca Maroni nominated our red wines among the best Italian wines.

The Abate Pietro scored 96
The St. Ioseph scored 94
The Clos scored 93

This result makes us really proud and shows to our clients the passion and commitment we have, always striving to offering them "i migliori vini italiani" (the best Italian wines)

Best wines 2021 Guide.pdf (326KB)

Here the English translation from Italian about Maroni's judgment on our Abate Pietro:

Abate Pietro
Consistency: 32 - Balance: 32 - Integrity: 32
Sensations: The blackberry at the stage of sweetness of purest pulp and spice.
And when it pops, it is very particular, sweet, aromatic, it recalls to mind a very intense flavor of wild berries. It is a fruit of magnificent softness, a cassis of great power, an ultra-thick but very sweet marasca, and with a vegetal vein, precisely pulpy, which shades its power into profound smoothness. What roundness it is its stupendous fruity vein. When received on the palate, and the mouth, it becomes round, voluminous, very enveloping, with a convex dome, it is majestic. Of the aroma, what is striking is the intact oxidative stage even at the peak of maturity of its dehydrated juice: at these levels of sunshine the concentration of the solution is a creamy paste of pulp and glycerin, and rarely, as in this case, even a lymphatic persuasion of flowers. Then its absolute soft/tannic souplesse, the cohesive over-dimensionality and purity of its fruit and spices. Oenological seal to its native viticultural rank. A great wine, among the best reds of the year. Chapeau.


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